A time of gratitude…

A couple weeks ago, when I was in the middle of Christmas Chocolate Craziness, I decided to hold off on opening any more Christmas cards.

They were getting lost in my Christmas Craziness, a cursory glance was all I could muster in my long hours, and cramped mind.

But, here’s the thing. These people took the time to write our names on the envelope, they wanted to share in our Christmas joy.

What an amazing blessing that is. With the holidays being what they are for me, it’s a rare year for me to send out Christmas cards. Many of you feel the same, no?

And yet, these twenty eight people have not let us get lost in the Season’s shuffle. They thought about us as they stuffed, stamped, addressed, and sent us a card.

That has blessed us.

So, on this morning, I got all snuggly by the tree and read each card, reflecting on each face, phrase, and image. I felt like my heart could not hold more gratitude than it did in this quiet hour of reflection.

I’m so grateful, just as I am in life, for the family and friends who value us enough to remember us in their holiday joy.

With these beautiful moments warming my heart on a bitter cold New Year’s Eve morning, I enter into the new year, with a renewed promise, that next holiday season, I will do the same.


4 thoughts on “A time of gratitude…

  1. A very nice way to mark the holiday season and get back on the blogging horse. I hope to join you soon! Happy new year, fellow writer!


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