Tales from the Old Folks Place–Imprisoned By Love

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Visiting our dad for ten days is like nothing we could ever have dreamed.  As I’ve written before there is such a gamut of emotions, that it can simply overwhelm us.  Joy, happiness, gratefulness, peace, concern, bewilderment, angst all these emotions and more.

We love dad’s place, a cozy apartment that has two bedrooms, so we sleep on the couch and on a pull out bed.  Dad’s back and hip have been hurting, so the first order of business was buying him a new bed.  We didn’t scrimp, we got the best, with a head that can go up as he needs.  One would say at almost 92 how long can he use that brand new bed, well, we say, at almost 92 shouldn’t he have the very best rest?  He deserves it.

Second order of business, seeing Hedy.  Dad told us as we sat around the table until late in the night that his visits were more and more upsetting.  She was fine until she saw him, and then her anger would surface with great power, fueled by her obvious love for him and remembering that she can’t be with him.  They say she’s a delight, enjoying the other residents, going on all the outings, and participating in all the activities, until she sees our dad, and then the anger comes, and what was once a place of enjoyment becomes her prison.

Her room looks like her own place now.  Everything we brought down on our visit in January is being used and loved, and moved here and there.  It’s never the same when we come.  It shows her individuality and personality.

When we arrive, we are told she’s out on a day trip, so we check supplies and the nurse shows us what we need to buy.  She tells us how excited she was to go on the trip, and that she’ll be sorry she missed us.  Later, twinsie and I went on a long beautiful walk to a nearby Christian Retreat Center that has a huge swimming lake and beach.

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Next day, we took the Padre to a shopping area about 45 minutes from his home.  He could easily have driven, but I took the wheel as he pointed to different places he used to enjoy when he was a vacancy minister at a church nearby twenty years earlier.  Dad sat on a bench while we shopped, and I sat with him for a while, soaking up the sun and some daddio lovin’.

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We had a fabulous meal at PF Changs introducing dad to Cosmopolitans and Edamame. We laughed as he tried to pop out the soybeans into his mouth, a few of them getting away from him. Never too old to learn new tricks and we love how our dad is open to all the new experiences that we introduce him to.

PS, he now loves both Edamame AND Cosmos!  🙂

Next to us a trio talked excitedly about a year long mission trip they were planning.  When we finished our meal, Dad slid over to the table and chatted briefly with the people there, and then asked if he could pray for the Lord to bless them in their efforts and keep them safe, and for them to reach many to grow the kingdom.  It was beautiful to see such great faith in action, and how it affects others.  Strangers become friends through faith.


Ooops, time to get some breakfast, and then we are going to “Reflex” with Dad and our friends where we sit around in a circle and hit a beach ball.  They say it can get pretty competitive, and we believe it! Later tonight we were invited to watch the Bocce Ball game again.  Incredible!  Whoda thunk?

More later…first things first at the Old Folks Place, you know.  First things first.


3 thoughts on “Tales from the Old Folks Place–Imprisoned By Love

    1. Sandy, my dad says we cannot comprehend the glories that await us. God knows your father’s heart, leave the mystery of his salvation in His hands. He is the God of miracles. Hugs.


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