“What shall I do now, Momma?” Momma smiled, “Why, you shall fly!”

Hubby's silhouette and Bethani's FURBY
Hubby’s silhouette and Bethani’s FURBY

Our daughter, Bethani, recently landed an amazing dream job, and an amazing apartment, and an amazing guy, and we have an amazing empty nest.  Through the past few years, or maybe forever, I’ve always had an intense dislike for the deep pink color of her room.  photo 1 (2)

So, very quickly, I went to spackling and taping her room.  It had been my plan for a long time that I would paint it white, and I would kid Bethani and say, “Can’t wait till that pink room is white…”  And I think that made her a little sad, but it really was my way of helping her fly the nest.  She had come home from five years of college to sit three years staring at those pink walls.  She had an amazing job working for a vet, and she loved it and the people she worked with, but it was not enough salary to make it on her own.  So, the child remained home, and the pink remained pink.

So, I’m spackling, and taping the woodwork, and then it all came to me–as much as I wanted my children to fly, a little part of my heart was hurting, so I did what any momma would do, I sat on the floor and had a pity party and cried.

Cue hubby.  Since, I was of no use whatsoever, he took to painting first with Kiln Primer, and then with Valspar Pure White in eggshell so that it would reflect the eastern light.  Apartment Therapy had a great article on how to choose the right white, and I spent a lot of time watching the light flooding in from the outdoors on the eastern side of the house each part of the day.

Everyone has an opinion about white, and it IS a color, because some are golden, some have a bluish tint, some pink (God forbid) and each react differently to the light from outdoors and inside.  So, I chose a white that had a bit of blue in it, and it’s perfect.  Well, I’ll let you decide.

Pink. Gone.  Momma happy.

photo 4 (1)

My buddy, Sandy, who has an amazing blog Found This Painted That has been egging me on encouraging me to use paint in a dramatic way.  “Paint that cabinet!!” Like this one, but I could not touch paint to that wood, and it caused me grief, because, there is an artist in me, and I am truly encouraged by Sandy’s blog, and her courage to paint, not just furniture, but amazing decorating ideas.  Bossy Bold, my friend, she’s bold.

I love the look of wallpaper, but I can’t measure a single thing or do anything straight except to hang pictures which 9 out of 10 times will be perfectly straight.  So, wall paper is out.  Time to paint.

photo 3 (2)

So, I painted my own wallpaper, O. M. GOSH, did I ever angst over this.  I drew picture after picture, perfectly to scale, and I was all but yanking my eyelashes out in fear.  But, it’s paint, if I screw up all I had to do was erase with a coat of Pure White.  So, I grabbed my pencil and wall paint pens, and within an hour I had this. I wanted bold but subtle, so I used gray and accented with metallic silver and gold. I got braver as I went, and added more detail to the wall until I came up with this:

photo (12)

I loved it.  Hubby who was totally against not at all keen on my doing this after slaving away painting the darn walls, was shocked thrilled with the results. But, something was missing, and I knew all along that I wanted to paint a bird into my wall.  I wanted the “wallpaper” to reflect the time, and the emotions I felt about letting my children go.

Excitement.  Joy.  Sadness. Beauty.

photo 1 (1)

I painted in the bird in flight, I used a few different pictures to help me find my own bird, and I watched how they soared in my yard, and here it is before embellishing.

photo 2 (1)

And here it is after.  I painted tiny gold hearts on its wings to show that it flew with love on its wings from its momma and dad, with hope and joy and a lifetime of love.  I’m an impossibly sappy momma. What can I say? Don’t even mention big old softie dad…shhh.

And then, I shopped my house. I moved the big, old dresser from our bedroom (thereby freeing up a massive wall for another project?) and layered all the linens Bethani didn’t like onto the bed.  I found this amazing carpet that will go with anything for 99 bucks at Home Goods (love that place.) And all in all, we spent just $212.78 for everything.

I added lots of art from our long life together, and our flea finds, including the exquisite Samuel Bookatz painting on burlap of a girl that twinsie found for $40 bucks at the flea. Not to mention the old lamp, orange child’s rocker, and the gold sewing chair, and 70s lamp.

Love.  Love. Love.

Tomorrow, we are showering twinsie’s daughter, Jay, as she prepares to give birth to a baby for Grandma and Nonnie in August.  And my niece and her little girls will be coming to stay with her Auntie B and Uncle Rick.  She has made a padded headboard from a silvery gray material with diamond  buttons that will be the final touch to the room…for now.

Letting go.  Beginning again.  New baby coming.  Maybe a wedding next year?

New chapters in life that bring a multitude of emotions.  

Giving thanks.

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4 thoughts on ““What shall I do now, Momma?” Momma smiled, “Why, you shall fly!”

  1. Wish there was a “Love” button rather than just a like one which seems so inadequate. Fabulous job! And you’re right, there are dozens of shades of white which make choosing the right one very difficult. Clearly you paid attention to the Apt. Therapy article. Well done!

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