Springtime at the Old Folk’s Place…

We are a motley crew, but made it!

We are baaaack with the old folks!  787 miles in one day, translating into 18 hours & 28 minutes on the road — beautiful sunny drive, one awesome stop at our fave antique place, and then through thick rolling fog that came on over the mountains, and cloaked us all the way to the shore.  But…

The hug at the end of that long journey?  Yah, that was worth it.

We “brought” hubby this time who worked from the back seat using a “hot spot thingy” for the most part (even though we are on vacation, ahem).

Wait! Clarification: Hubby and I had planned this trip, but Twinsie asked Hubby if she could tag along, and how could he resist her?  So, technically, we brought twinsie along. But, before Rick “started his work day” (we left at 4:30 am) we listened to songs on his playlist.  Love songs that are about “us”, (be still our hearts) songs that shaped all of us from the sixties and seventies, songs that had us rocking and rolling so much that our Fitbits went WONKY, mine personally declared that I walked up 23 flights of stairs, from clapping, arms pumping to music, and other impressive moves, if I do say so myself…

Just imagine what the occupants of our car looked like as we tootled on down the Interstate singing “Sister Golden Hair” at the top of our lungs while car dancing?

Joy.  Crazy love.  Crazy love joy.   Heading towards Daddio and the Old Folk’s Place. A little like heaven with older people in it.  🙂


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