How does one get through life without a twin sister?

10410725_10203459787838583_2530156567021194094_nMy twinsie turned 56 today.  I hardly can believe it, she’s 56!  She’s a woman of maturity and strength, she has strong convictions and courage, she speaks her mind, she makes people laugh, she is humble enough to ask for forgiveness, and sensitive enough to hurt like no one else I know.

She is vulnerable, she is gentle, she has compassion.  She always sends cards on every occasion and often for no reason at all.  She was a beauty queen, she sings like she should be on American Idol (as someone hollered out at a funeral she sang at a few years ago, true story).  She’s a beautiful mother, and will soon be a grandmother, she’s an amazing wife, she likes her linen closets just so, don’t be willy nilly putting stuff away in her linen closets.

She’s unique, she’s understated and over the top all at the same time.  She’s shy, and she somehow can be the center of attention simply by walking through the door.

She rocks glasses like no one else I know. 🙂

She loves jewelry and has so much of it, it’s mind boggling, some of which has made it into my own jewelry box, worn home in my ears or on my wrist or around my neck.

She’s been my protector and my consoler.  She’s seen me at my worst and she’s seen me at my best, because she just sees the best in me.


She has an eating disorder when she eats cake (JK) and she’s got a heart for the Lord, for humanity, for peace.

She’s the only person, besides my hubby, who I want to spend weeks at a time with, we work well together when the work is hard, and needs to be done, we will do it.  She’s Martha, and she’s Mary.  She’s an awesome cook, but she doesn’t cook much.  She’s chaotic, and orderly all at the same time.

She’s emotional, she’s romantic, she loves flowers and chocolates.  She snores, and she laughs when I take video of her doing it.  She’s got this slightly crooked front tooth that she hates and is always straightening, but it is something that I think defines her beauty.  A tiny flaw in a perfect face with deep dimples that are to die for.

She’s a silver maiden, come to that place with worry and concern, but finally she’s blossomed as her hair becomes what it is, silver and rich and she looks like Marilyn Monroe, and she loves makeup, and she’s a pro at it and when I am with her, I am as beautiful as she only because she radiates such grace and beauty, it washes over me.

We love our antique hunts, and she’ll give into me more than I would like to admit (there, I said it, she’s waited a long time to hear me say that, like years.)  She’s both stronger than me, and weaker.  She loves to have her toes licked by my dog (so do I, weird, right?) and she falls asleep when we watch movies.

She mostly doesn’t get the joke, and so when I explain it to her, it makes the joke so much funnier.  She makes me laugh like no else in the whole world, and that’s not an understatement.

She inspires those around her because she’s holding us to a higher standard, and she expects it of us, and guess what, if we don’t reach it, she’s the first to say how proud she is of us anyway.

Today is twinsie day, we are going to sit in a salt room absorbing all that purity of salt (okay, so we’re giving it a try) and we will have a 60 minute massage, and 30 minute reiki treatment for balance and peace (so they say, what the heck).  And we are open to the adventure, because life with my twinsie has been one adventure after the other.

Because I love my twinsie, and she loves me.


11 thoughts on “How does one get through life without a twin sister?

  1. this is a wonderful tribute to your sister…………I loved reading this piece……but knowing you like i do…..Im thinking your sister feels the exact same way about you……your both amazing women…who are very kind and loving human being….I wish you both a very Happy Birthday….and I hope you enjoy every minute of your special day….


  2. I’m guessing here, but she’s a bit of a mirror, I’ll bet. Except for the hating me part. She probably loves everything I do and is secretly jealous that even though you hate me now and then I’d still pick you as my favourite 😉


  3. I can just see you at the keyboard, all of this pouring out of you almost too fast to type. A beautiful, sincere essay. Happy birthday to both of you!


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