Just Ten…


Some fellow bloggers started out the New Year with blogs that started with “x (amount) of things you didn’t know about me”.  I was intrigued, and found their answers interesting.  I’m not sure if it was a challenge from wordpress that I may have missed, but I’ve read a few blogger’s “things you don’t know about me” and I thought I really didn’t want to do it, because I feel like I’ve been pretty open about who I am and what else would you guys really need to know, right?  But, I thought it might be a fun write, and it might get a conversation started, so what the heck.  The typical number of things is 15, I’ve decided to go with 10, because quite frankly there are some things you don’t know about me, and I don’t want you to.

10 things you didn’t know about me that I don’t mind confessing to:

1. I cannot cross my eyes.  I think I used to be able to cross my eyes, but I no longer can and it bring gales of laughter from my husband and grown children.  It’s so annoying.

2. I like complete privacy in the washroom, seriously.  I do not want my husband’s last vision – as he goes off to work or to sleep or to sit in his chair, whatever – to be me on the toilet.  I think there should be some decorum of modesty and mystery in a marriage.

3. I love sardines.

4. I can barely whistle.  Another very annoying thing.  Sometimes I can get a good whistle out, but mostly, not, and if I do, it’s horribly off tune.

5. I almost always have painted toenails.  I just like to look down and see pretty toe nails year around.

6. I have a tattoo on my foot of a star, and like my toes, it’s for me to love and enjoy.

7. I take a bath almost every single night, and I can turn the water on and off with my big toe.

8. I pray almost all the time.  Seriously.  I am praying for you, if you need prayers; I pray for the world; when I hear an ambulance I pray for the persons rushing to the scene, and I’m praying for the person(s) needing care, or the fire trucks racing to the fire.  And if I’m naughty, I’m asking for forgiveness and if I’m on my bike riding with the wind and the scents and the beauty of the earth around me, I am giving thanks. I pray.  A lot.

8 part b… I almost always start crying when I pray aloud with my family and say anything but the common prayer, which, also brings gales of laughter.  I just feel so blessed that I cry.

9. I worry about very few things except one.  I worry that I may have messed up my kids, and I always tell them I’m proud of them, and ask for forgiveness regularly just in case they should suddenly decide that I have messed them up. I ask them to forgive me my flaws, but never for how much I love them.

10. This is a huge confession, but I absolutely LOVE to watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, not that I don’t cringe…come on!  I just love the idea of people finding love, and I can’t wait for tomorrow for the series premier.  I owe this to my twinsie whom I teased endlessly about watching such a stupid show, and then a few years later I watched an episode with her and now I never miss.  Thank God for my DVR (see? Still praying.)


10 thoughts on “Just Ten…

  1. TMI! Just kidding – very entertaining but mostly not surprising except for the tat! I don’t know why it surprises me but it did. Rebel. And as far as the Bachelor is concerned, ME TOO! I get sucked in after a brave attempt to ignore it. #3 daughter is my dealer, like your sister is yours, lol. I’ll think of you Tues since I have to work tomorrow night and can’t watch. And if I’ve been a recipient of one of your drive-by prayers, thank you 😉


      1. It’s better he did.She comes from a sm town in Alberta which is still a thousand times bigger than where he lives and she moved to one of the biggest cities in Canada. AND she teaches pole dancing. She’d go stir crazy and corn stock dance, I can see it now…


      2. Yes, after some thought, I agree. The bloom is off the rose (pun hilariously not intended) for me for him. I do think he’s “falling in love” with each gal, but the “norm” is to not say things like that until after the final rose, so, I think it’s throwing the ladies off… And it’s just dumb to say it when he knows he’s gonna say good-bye to one. Unless, he thinks that he’ll be able to get some if he does say it? Yuk.

        Either way, I am TEAM Kaitlyn for Bachelorette!!! She’s adorable and funny.

        PS, live near Chicago AND Arlington, I can’t imagine moving to a town in the middle of nowhere (though I grew up in one) where there isn’t even a tiny IGA or coffeehouse. It’s gonna be a shocker for whomever he chooses.

        Sadly, my prediction is it won’t last. He’s got a ton of money, but he’s a farmer, and they don’t have much of a life. 😦


  2. Brave attempt to ignore it? I’ve been talking about it since Chris was chosen! He’s so sweet, and lives an interesting life, one I’m sort of familiar with having grown up in a small town. I can’t wait!!!


  3. Love the ‘full disclosure.’ It’s nice to put these kinds of attributes to a face in Blogville. Makes it all more real that there is a live human at the other end of the mouse somewhere. Bravo, Bonnie. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you the watching of Bachelor/Bachelorette series if you don’t mind me watching The Walking Dead series (although the gore this season has been way too much for my tender eyes-but I love the characters). And for the record, people are blown away that I too have a tat of a small Celtic knot on my lower back. How does that saying go, “Keep calm and love a tattooed woman”?! 🙂


  4. I used to work with a WWII nurse and sage had them from wartime nursing. Two beautiful flowers on her back. I was 18 when I decided I wanted one, but didn’t know what I wanted. I got the star in a henna color so it’s not too tattoo-ish and I ADORE it. I will do another. But I need it in a place that I can see it.

    Thus was NOT full disclosure, which is why I only write 10. 🙂


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