One for you…One for me

rak3Forever, I’ve wanted to secretly buy the person’s meal behind me in the drive-thru at McDonald’s or wherever we might be.  I have thought about how I could do it without being bashful.  Like, say to the cashier, “I would like to buy the person’s meal three cars behind me so I can make my get away and they wouldn’t know who did it.”

Today, after a long walk with twinsie and the dogs, I was at the drive-thru at McD’s to get an oatmeal (YES, they did stop selling our oatmeal near us Darn them anyhow.) We have a dual drive-thru, so after I gave my order, I nosed into line behind the cars filing to pick up their Egg McMuffins and coffees.  Another car nosed in after giving his order, and I could see he looked very grumpy.  Something told me that A, he’s just a grumpy person, B, he just looks grumpy but he’s not really, or C, he’s had a bad start to his day.

images (1)I was thinking how fabulous my day started, prayers early, stretching after a good sleep, walking in the dark with my favorite walking person and pups. And I felt bad for Mr Grumpy, even if he’s just a grumpy old guy, I felt bad for him, because something makes him grumpy, right?

As I got up to the window, I realized I didn’t have cash for my oatmeal and I was going to need to use my debit card, and so then I won’t have change for the Ronald McDonald kids change box.  Woe is, seriously, me.  I had no choice but to bite the bullet and pay for Mr Grumpy behind me, and pray that he had to wait for his meal so I could make my getaway.

So, I nonchalantly said, “I would like to pay for the gentleman’s breakfast behind me.”  And the gal, nodded, and rang up the two orders and I could see that my bag was ready for pick up in the next window, so I grabbed it and took off.

The man did get behind me on the roadway (darn construction) but I kept my eyes on the road.  And he turned right as I turned left.  I wish I could have looked over and smiled and waved or something, but I just sat there looking straight ahead expressionless.

So, I’m starting to get this down.  My first try, was mediocre at best.  I have no idea how that made that man feel and I will never know, but I hope that he felt good drinking that large coffee with extra sugar and extra cream (cheap date this time around), and that it did make his day better.  I wonder if I had just looked over and smiled as we sat at the light if that would have made it even better?  I don’t know.  I’m a sneaky giver novice, but I plan on being bolder and doing it more often.  If I can’t give change to Ronald McDonald, I hope I can change the day of someone behind me.



4 thoughts on “One for you…One for me

  1. I’ve never had anyone buy my meal in this way, but we have bought for others who looked like they needed the help.

    You made me laugh at your being grumpy. 🙂

    It was a great start to my day anyway and twinsie said no one need know who bought. Next time, I’ll just day not to tell the person. Perfect.


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