The Colors of my Blog World

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This is my world, it’s different from your world and that may surprise you, I guess, since you live in my world, too, no doubt.  This is My Blog World, the places in the world where those who have read my blog live.  It’s been 228 days since my  First Blog that basically characterized my Blog’s purpose, and surprisingly, that very first blog’s written purpose remains my constant truth– after 228 days with 117 posts (not including this one), 7,243 hits (not including this one, that means you reading this blog at the very moment you read it) from 36 different countries around the world, with 326 of you stopping long enough to actually comment.  My reasons for writing down the bones has not changed, I just want to write honestly, write with abandon what’s inside me, brush the editor off my shoulder, and be brave enough to say the truth that courses through my blood and pulses in my fingers as I type. Bearing my soul is an old cliché but nonetheless truth.

A good friend, who is an amazing writer, is starting her first blog right here at Word Press.  A few weeks ago she made a proclamation that on Tuesday, October 21, on her mom’s birthday, who is guiding her from heaven, she’s going to launch her blog.  I wish I knew what Laurie’s blog name will be because I could start with her very first shout out as we call it here in Blogland, but she’s keeping it under wraps. Darn her anyway, I want to KNOW!

Unlike me, Laurie is actually thinking this thing out, and that works for her and her “deadline inspired writing creativity”.  For me, the more I think, the less confident I become.  I simply start thinking too much and I get in my way.

All it took for me was my son saying, “Mom, you need to be getting your writing out there, why not start a blog?”  And the next day, I took a ride on the Internet Highway, stopped at Google, and found several blogging services, and immediately fell in love with Word Press.  For one thing, I don’t pay a single dime for this opportunity to write 117 blogs (not including this one) that has literally traveled around the world to 36 different countries — not one thin dime.  But, should you want to buy “go premium”, it’s a very nominal fee, and it opens up a world of creative ideas for your blog.  I’ve not made this jump because so much of my purpose is just in the words that are in my mind that traipse across this white page and I just need to write when I get here.  But, I plan on taking up this new adventure sometime after the holidays.

Blogs please through many senses, and these are just a few that I read every time they post,  The Daily PostOtrazhenieOpinionated Man at HarsH ReaLITyCook Book ExperienceKindness BlogGotta Find A HomeFound This, Painted ThatTails Around the RanchNew Creations MinistriesGrieving Gumdrops.  The truth about blogging is the variety and the different places we all are in our lives, but mostly what drives us to blog.

Daphne over at Grieving Gum Drops lets us into her life after the death of a child, and yet leaves us with a sense of hope.  I love Found This, Painted That because she speaks to my decorating sense.  And interestingly, my blogs on decorating get tons of hits, so I think I need to find more money to do more decorating…which brings me to another aspect of blogging that I have not explored — making money blogging.

I follow Sam the poodle in Tails Around the Ranch as he lays his head on the hands of the sick and dying, I get a faith boost from Elle every time she writes, and Opinionated Man usually hits the spot and I think, is he in HERE? Tapping my temple.  These blogs are just a few that I follow and follow me, but they come to mind quickly, and I need to stop my list there for the time being because I need to get going to a Doodle Romp with Eugene and Lily Belle on this chilly Autumn Day. So, if I’ve not mentioned your very important blog, I will in another blog, I pinky swear promise.

And here, I’ve gone over my rule of 500 words or less, but I guess a blog like this is less an exercise in restraint as it is a way to lift up the blogging lives for those I care about throughout the blogging world, and moreover, let my friend know that there will be a ton of support for her here in Blogland, and how every single blog means something to someone in the world, as crazy as that sounds.  It just simply does.


7 thoughts on “The Colors of my Blog World

    1. I know, Meg. I’m constantly in awe of it. I could not have dreamed this 25 years ago, and it’s all we ever really want, right? To just touch the lives of others. Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. B.


  1. You know I love ya!!! I am doing Apartment therapy pre-holiday cure. I may need your outstanding recommendations.

    Of COURSE I would shout to you, I just love your blog. It gets my decorating juices flowing. 🙂


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