A Good Hot Toddy…

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For years I worked with the terminally ill and I often heard about old fashioned health remedies with the hot toddy being the most popular cold remedy, aside from chicken noodle soup (homemade, the canned stuff isn’t the same.)

Every now and then, I’d find a recipe and try it and it was always waaaay too strong, seriously, I’m SICK, who wants straight bourbon burning your already raw throat?  So, I gave up my quest, until I got this nasty cold.

Miserable sucker — sore throat, swollen glands as hard as stones that hurt to swallow or even touch them.  Sinuses so crummy that the roof of my mouth ached along with my teeth.  Miserable, I tell you.  Of course, I had an action packed weekend planned that included a jewelry party at twinsie’s, a five hour stint to help a friend, who’s been ill, ready her house for sale, and a lovely supper out with our besties.  All canceled and in their places, hot showers, warm slippers and socks, blankies, jammies, homemade chicken noodle soup and a dog draped over my lap with several books on Oyster Books (free seven day trial, perfectly timed) to read.

So, I settled my wretched self in and filled my diffuser with Thieve’s Oil (hey, it works, and there is a fascinating story behind it, too).  Now it’s Sunday, and I think I’ve got this cold on this side of awful and heading towards licked.

And I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s in no small part due to the hot toddy.  I searched for one that sounded the most promising, and lo and behold I found Dr Pat’s Hot Toddy and I have to say, it’s a fine, fine remedy to at least help someone like me relax and rest through a cold.

The warm honey and lemon really did soothe my throat and the bourbon did make me rest and there was no hot burning that you’d expect with bourbon.  I’m totally sold now. It might be my favorite relaxation cocktail for cold winter evenings even.  Yes, I think it will.  (And yes, I just sipped one.)

As cold season approaches, consider a little TLC in the form of Dr Pat’s Hot Toddy.  I promise it will make the time you are sick pass more pleasurably. And while you’re at it, check out Oyster Books, I read two from Jennifer McMahon, Dismantled and Don’t Breathe a Word.  They are thriller/ghost stories, Dismantled was quite a bit more edgy with sexual content, both with strong language, and Don’t Say a Word a fast read with the most enjoyable characters.  She’s a great author.

And don’t forget your chicken noodle soup.

Chicken noodle soup and a hot toddy, just two of the many things I learned at the bedside so many years ago.  Cheers to those who left such a rich, curative and tasty legacy to me to pass on to you.



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