Dear Marge, I lied, I guess.

tumblr_m3z9d6S2bg1rw4sono1_500Dear Marge,

So, I know you are in heaven and all, and I wrote about missing you here, and how I want to be like you (as most people do who know you) and I made a pinky swear promise that I would kiss everyone on the mouth just as you did.  Well, I lied, of course, I didn’t mean to lie, I really wanted to carry on with that special ritual, but I can’t.

Yes, I loved kissing you, and other mouth kissers are fine, but I’m just not good at initiating the mouth kiss on just friends.  So, I’d like to withdrawal that pinky swear promise, and honor your memory in lots of other ways, including donating blood, showing honest to goodness love whenever I can, being just a little bit naughty to keep things interesting, and keeping the door open for anyone needing a place to sit long and talk much.

I will also try to send all the notes and cards I buy that never get mailed, and I will continue to save rocks from everywhere I go, knowing that you did, too.  And I will try to stay neutral in all disagreements in church and out of church, note I said, try! But, I’m going back to kissing on the cheek.

I love you and miss you, and I know that you understand, and if it’s allowed for you to read my blog from heaven, I know that you are chuckling and loving that this is all about you.  Your sense of humor is what we will all carry without any problems, this I pinky swear promise.



5 thoughts on “Dear Marge, I lied, I guess.

  1. When I first read in your blog about your pinky swear to Marge, I wondered how you would keep it…..but since honesty is your hallmark, this post is precious…. Love.

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