A Dead Writer’s Heart

A few blogs ago, I think maybe it was 100 Pearls, another blogger commented that I had been prolific to write that often and to have that many hits on my blog in such a short time, and how she had started by writing everyday but was worried that she would lose readers (and her blog is crazy AH-MAZING).  Here’s the thing, I think writing a blog everyday means you will lose a few readers here or there, but at the same time, gain some.  And once a reader, always a reader typically, but not every blog.  And that’s OKAY, it really is.  Because someone else will take a seat at the table as readership grows.  We worry so much about the empty chair, and not the full ones.  Yet, an empty chair doesn’t mean gone forever, it means, for that post or a few.  Everyone is welcome to the table when they are able, you just gotta be there to feed them.

But the honest to God truth of what motivates me is I just don’t want to die with all this caught inside a dead writer’s heart. 

I believe in my view of the world.  I believe this is a gift to see it, to participate in it, to bring the stories of others’ lives and my own to the written word, and that it will be embraced and curative and identifiable.

If you follow my blog, and we have a healthy 3 digit number who do, you will know that I’m not writing as often.  The desire to write everyday stopped being a motivating factor.  In the beginning, so much had been left unsaid to that point, that I had no choice but to scratch that itch, you know?  Now, my thoughts are more complicated, less fervent, but still need to be shared, so they won’t be caught inside a dead writer’s heart someday.

To those who want to write but are afraid, don’t be.  I’ve found the bloggers’ world to be fair and just, even uplifting and supportive.  It’s been a gratifying and humbling experience to write a blog and have people actually read it, even “like” it, and comment on it, and the best gift of all, FOLLOW it.  I will from time to time give an update on stats because, I think readers like to know that on the very same day, perhaps, in another country across the world, they were reading the same humble little blog and it had become a part of their own world, too.

The process is interesting, moreover, if it brings more people to the table, effective, dare I say life changing, because when someone writing a blog “out there” gets you, it’s powerful.  And both reader and writer feels that power by some amazing force in our world, in my opinion, God, that connects emotions and feelings with others by the simple yet compelling act of “writing down the bones”.


6 thoughts on “A Dead Writer’s Heart

  1. You said it sister! When the blog drops a follower, I used to wonder, did I offend? Am I boring? Why did they leave me? But now, like you, I realize even if I’m not their cup of tea, it’s ok. I’m someone else’s. And I used to post weekly! How would I ever keep that up! We learn and grow, get lovely boosts from fellow bloggers. And you, Harmony’s Pearls, must NEVER STOP writing. I’m pretty sure it would be a sin…or a commandment or something.

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