I just read a post from Baby Bear’s momma.  Baby Bear passed away this past spring, and you can read her story here Beautiful Baby Bear Becomes an Angel. Momma Bear was writing about how throughout Baby Bear’s struggle and her eventual heartbreaking death, Momma Bear didn’t get down, because she said, “Someone has it worse.”  She mentioned how strong everyone thought she was, but her constant thoughts were, “someone has it worse.” And this got her through her child’s illness and death.

I am going on record that Momma Bear is a strong woman, she is filled with compassion and love for her children, and she has been given eyes to see the realities of this world.  Momma Bear is going to take some time now to think about herself, what she needs at this point, and she’s “excited” to do that.  What an incredibly brave thing to do and say.  And I am excited to hear what she decides.

The course of her life changed in one diagnosis, but the heart of her angel continues to encourage her, and that little one’s smiles?  They live on in everyone’s lives.

I think of this momma and her baby, and the countless people whose smiles overcome the sadness in their lives, the trouble they’ve seen, and the heartache they know.  Or in Baby Bear’s case, how sick they are.

Today is s tribute to smiles, and how smiling begets smiling, and when we are smiling, it brings joy to others and to ourselves.  What a simple thing.

Let’s try it today, shall we?  After all, someone truly does have it worse, and you might just be the smile that brightens his or her day.



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