To paint or not to paint is no longer the question. Your opinion wanted!


Now and then, I’ll hoof the 2.58 miles to work and home again and lo and behold what do my wandering eyes see as I was trying to race a storm home last week? The companion mid-century piece to my credenza at the consignment shop now painted. Lots of discussion has been had since I posted the final result from my credenza and my complete inability to bring myself to paint it. And I soooo badly wanted to.

Here is the companion painted in a pleasing Tiffany Blue and white (which I was leaning toward originally with tangerine on the inside and leaving the doors and drawers in the natural wood). They changed the amazing original  knobs to something more contemporary, which I personally think is a CRIME. But, that’s me and my desire to reclaim the past for the future.

For my fellow lovers of painted furniture, I invite you to my esteemed blogger friend’s blog. You will be INSPIRED! See Found this, Painted That, she’s amazing, and is constantly encouraging me in my decorating endeavors. Hers is a blog you never want to miss.

So, what are your thoughts on painted vs unpainted? And feel free to note and comment on the amazing bright orange mid-century ashtray with cigarette holder, AND the old red radio and antique hand carved duck decoy twinsie and I found on our amazing trip together. ❤ Love! See Trippin’ with Twinsie

Comment below, on Facebook, or message. Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂 PS, no hurt feelings. I’m right with my world with this decision. I’m truly curious!!!

Or new for me in BLOGLAND!!! Take my poll! Seriously. This is cool.



9 thoughts on “To paint or not to paint is no longer the question. Your opinion wanted!

  1. Like the way the poll is going!! Also, have been loving Found This Painted That!! Bon, I’m going to be painting my dreary bedroom furniture soon, and have my eye on the living room tables after I do our kitchen table…. The way I look at is this: even an old, beautiful lady enjoys new jewelry and clothes… With love. Me

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    1. Very true, Judie! I am looking forward to seeing the results! I’m eyeing two tables and a dresser. FTPT is a great resource for colors and just moxy in painting furniture and her eye for decorating is impeccable.



    1. Hi Monika. Yes, the blue is all the rage and would fabulous in someone’s living room, it’s still there in the window at the consignment shop, I can’t believe no one has snapped it up.

      I painted furniture in the 90s when it was sponged and I could transform garage sale finds, but thus far have not decided what to paint except the island in our kitchen. But, I want to, I’m just intimidated by it. 🙂


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