“That Girl’s” got nothing on our Aunt Kay…

Our Aunt Kay when she was married to Uncle Fred, and obviously slept at night with toilet paper around that awesome beehive do. Soooo gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Today our Aunt Kay called out of the blue on twinsie’s phone.  Of course we thought maybe something was wrong, so got back to her straight away.  All was good, she was just feeling lonely and needing to touch base.

Aunt Kay is such an amazing woman, so amazing that I named my daughter after her, Bethani Kae.  Aunt Kay Kay, which she was called  — something my mom’s family often did, repeated one syllable names so they’d become two syllables, I guess — was the last of 10 children, born 12 years before our big sissy was born, and our big sissy was 12 when we were born, and there you go, with my love once again of numbers and how they work out in an interesting way, two twelves and two syllables.

Aunt Kay  was beloved by all the grandkids, I mean we thought she was like “That Girl.” She was the sexy single sister (and I say sexy but I don’t think that was ever said aloud in the Baptist family my aunt and mom came from), but this is my blog, and it’s true.  She was beautiful, and sexy, not “braless and sexy”, but a feminine, independent, and mysterious beauty that just made all us nieces want to be her and look like her.

Aunt Kay was a teacher and she’ll be reading my blog wishing to correct my grammar, to which I must say, right here on my blog about her, that good writing is knowing grammar, and knowing when to break the rules to establish your own voice.  There, I said it, but she’ll already know it because she is amazing.

My aunt married later in life to the love of her life, a man who broke all the molds.  I had a crush on him IMMEDIATELY, in my 12 (there’s 12 again) year old mind, I just wanted to be married to Uncle Fred, and since I was too little, most certainly I wanted my Aunt Kay to be married to him.  He had a naughty side to him that I found very appealing, because he was also very loving and kind.  I enjoyed the contrast, and I know she did too.  They lived a beautiful life together that was cut short in just four years by a massive heart attack.  Somethings just can’t be explained until we get to heaven and ask God, and to this day I still miss him.  It’s not like we saw him that much, but the essence of Uncle Fred is such a lasting thing, and Uncle Fred together with Aunt Kay?  Well, it was my dream to be like them and them only.  And I did manage to snag a guy like Uncle Fred, and how blessed am I?

I just want to honor my Aunt Kay, I know all of us do.  When our Grandma got older, Aunt Kay changed her whole life to live with her and care for her until she passed.  Now, what does that tell you about her amazing character?  Yup, you’d want to be like her, and name a child after her as well.


5 thoughts on ““That Girl’s” got nothing on our Aunt Kay…

  1. Gives me goosebumps!! She is SO loved….deservedly so, and each if us KNOWS we are her favorite…. Uncle Fred…what a fantastic man!


    1. Truly, this blog could have gone on and on, and the nieces all across the family who feel the same way popping up on Facebook to share their own stories about Aunt Kay, and their daughter’s names with Kay in it.

      This is what this blog is about! Thanks, Ju Ju xoxo


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