Four months

Harmony’s Pearls — Four months, 120 days, 91 blogs, 5200 hits.  I am an observer, I think,”I need to blog about that, I need to write about that fashion, I need to write about how that feels.” Just in this morning’s news, I feel as if my mind could explode from what it needs to say. I’m just not writing everyday like in the beginning, which might come as some sort of relief for some of my readers.

I read about a young woman who proudly posts photos on Facebook of African animals she hunted and killed, the conquest and excitement she feels, and I can barely even stay on the page long enough to read it, in fact, I didn’t.  I thought, I need to write about the need to kill.  I have hunters in my family and many friends who hunt, and I love them dearly, but to me, killing is not fun.  It’s not fun driving down from Wisconsin to see bucks strung to the back of trucks.  It’s not fun to see the platforms in the woods as we hike.  It’s disturbing this need to kill.  I guess I wouldn’t be able to work in a meat factory either.  I have to block my eyes when I drive past those trucks with the animals heading to the meat processing factories.  I’ve glimpsed enough of those big brown eyes to feel them in my heart, not that I’d turn down a nice queen cut prime rib, rare, to eat with my salad and Cosmopolitan.  Life is completely ironic.  I don’t want to kill them, but I sure don’t mind eating them.  It’s a conflict if I give it too much thought.

I read about the Supreme Court’s decision to allow for profit corporations to decide if they will cover birth control.  BIRTH CONTROL, PEOPLE!  Why wouldn’t they want to cover that?  As a married woman, we used birth control, do they think sex is only for procreation?  Please!  I’m just shaking my head at Hobby Lobby.  They make this decision at their own peril, women deprived of sex because they cannot get birth control are no fun to work with, folks.

[After further review, I understand that Hobby Lobby did NOT stop birth control, but did stop covering the “Day after pill” and abortion. I stand corrected.]

A huge can of worms, HUGE, GIGANTIC.

Abortion?  Okay, now there’s a reason to withhold coverage.  I believe that a baby is a baby at the moment of conception, yes, it would not be able to sustain life at that point should it be born, but tell me this, when you WANT a child, when do YOU think it’s a baby?  At the moment of conception.  That said, I am an advocate of women’s rights, I’m an advocate of gay marriage.  But, I believe in the separation of church and state.  I believe that anyone who lives in these United States have the same rights as anyone else.  If I were gay, I would want to marry, I know I would, but I respect my church for their beliefs, and would NOT want the government to step in and say, “You need to marry gay people.”  Separation of church and state.  On the same token, I would not expect Religious businesses to pay for abortions they believe is an act of murder.

I’m an advocate of life.  While I believe in a woman’s right to choose,  And it really gets me when people march with “Right to Choose” signs, when, I actually could be right next to them, because, really, isn’t choosing life a choice, too?

I am marching with you because I believe in your right to express your feelings, and that is something we should all be grateful for.

We all would benefit from standing back and looking at our fellow-man/woman by not judging, even if you read the above and feel it is.  I’m writing how I feel, not how I think YOU should feel.  I love and embrace the differences in my culture.  I love my gay friends, I love my friends who had abortions, in both cases these things help define them and who they are, as are all my experiences.  I’m not one to judge, and would like the same of me.

Don’t even get me started on the legalization of marijuana and how it would boost our economy by putting people to work, and bring in revenue and fill up drying up farmland, and more importantly, provide safety in the product.  Or, amnesty, I believe in it, or what do we have?  YAY!  Let’s all gather every Mexican here illegally, and cart them over the border, while their children…what?…what happens to them?  Why not give everyone living in this country, no matter what their status the opportunity to earn a living (note to big businesses) pay taxes, and continue to contribute to the growth of our nation’s culture.

Anyhow, I’m exhausted.  All these nasty little social issues in one blog.  I will watch my number dwindle on both sides of the spectrum, but life isn’t about sticking to just one school of thought, it’s about embracing each other BECAUSE we think differently.  As a woman of faith, I believe that my beliefs and actions will one day be accounted for by God.  Here on Earth, I can only believe in my heart that humanity is larger and more compelling than the issues that separate us.


9 thoughts on “Four months

  1. “As a woman of faith, I believe that my beliefs and actions will one day be accounted for by God.”
    …a very powerful statement…and one that makes me struggle on a daily basis with my own personal thoughts.
    This was a good read for me today!! Thanks you, Bonnie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really tough blog to write because I love so many people with different feelings. I mean, really on both sides. I’m stuck in the middle again and again… I just felt the need to get to these issues for some reason. Thanks for your message, Janey.


  2. Hard to be PC in our world today. Can’t please everyone. I’m proud of you for going out on a limb to state your true convictions. I’ve done it occasionally, not easy. Good for you!!! I empathized with the dichotomy you may feel. So hard. You wrote a great post, Bonnie.


    1. Thank you for your response. As I told Janey, I love so many who believe differently than I. It’s a balancing act to listen, and still have a provocative discussion without provoking bad feelings.

      Thanks for stopping in.


  3. I love this blog Bonbon…..and I love how you think…..Im pretty much on the same side as you on all these issues…you are a woman with a HUGE HEART….and when you answer to God…..your not gonna have much to answer for..everything you do …you do with lots of love attached to it…….I think you are exactly what GOD wants people to be….Love you my friend….


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