I’m amazed!

“Do these awards make my head look too big . . . ?”

I love awards! I especially appreciate the thought that goes into giving them. This has been a big surprise for me in my blogging life, just at my 3 month mark.  Thank you to Ellie of http://newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/ for nominating me.  It’s hard to come up with 10 bloggers this new to the game, but I’ve been faithfully following several.  I will continue to invite bloggers as their work becomes better known to me.

But my first will be a young woman who has overcome amazing emotional turmoil to lead a good and loving life with a really great Paw Pad, Golden Doodle, Rudy. But others by faith show their resilience, or use their love of animals to bring comfort to those in need, and another through her art.  I’m just beginning the beautiful journey in the “friendships of the blog”.  I will work my way to ten, but for now there are many who already have these awards, and still others that I have not read enough.  I take this stuff seriously and still feel the glow of being nominated.  Thank you, Ellie.



The rules of acceptance for the above awards are as follows:

1)  Thank the person who has nominated you.

2)  Place the award badges on your blog page.

3)  Answer the ten questions listed below.

4)  Pay it forward!  Nominate ten deserving bloggers for the same awards. See, Easy Peasy . . .

So now let me answer those “Ten Delightful Questions” and I’d love to know how anyone else would answer them if one sticks out:                           

1)  What is my favorite food? Chocolate, with sushi coming in at a close second.

2)  Who is my favorite actor? I love Tom Hanks.

3)  What is my favorite television show?  Anything reality on HGTV and The Food Network, but I do love the Bachelor and Bachelorette, I just believe in love and think it’s fun to watch.  It’s my guilty pleasure.

4)  What is my favorite “Tear Jerker? I need to ask my hubby, but I just wept through A Fault in our Stars…. But the most memorable cry was my audible gasp and tears at the end of You’ve Got Mail when he says, “Don’t cry shopgirl, don’t cry.”  Be still my heart.

5)  Tea or Coffee?  I love me a decaf caramel latte skim with whipped cream for a treat, but my hot oolong tea is for everyday.

6)  What is my favorite sport?  I love to play anything, but to sit and watch?  Golf.

7)  What is my lucky number? 13, the day our son was born.

8)  What is my favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving because my big, boisterous, loving family comes together, all the sibs and their children (most of the time) and there is nothing like all those brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews, and games, and hugs and kisses, and love.  Nothing compares to giving thanks for the many blessings, but also, to gather together as people who have walked through fire together and are still going strong.

9)  Twitter or Facebook? … Facebook, haven’t gotten into tweeting yet.  Love that I’ve reestablished connections with old friends, family and many others.  It’s beautiful and I adore it.

10)  What is my favorite Christmas movie? It’s a Wonderful Life, watched by myself late at night, with a long-sleeved sweatshirt to wipe my tears, and a plate of cookies and ice-cold Pepsi.  Good stuff. Because, it IS a wonderful life, now, isn’t it?

So now I must choose ten bloggers to pass along my nominations to. As I said above, this will be a work in progress as I plunge a little deeper into the seas of blogging.   (Speaking of which: Please drop me a comment when your post goes online? Thanks)

Please check out this awesome blogs… the Ten Deserving Bloggers Nominated Are:








7 thoughts on “I’m amazed!

  1. Oh this was too much fun! I so enjoyed discovering all these new aspects of your life! Wish I had included Tom Hanks too because he is certainly versatile in the roles he plays. Didn’t know you were into golf, as well as watch HFTV which I usually do each night as I watch House Hunters and rehab shows. (nothing but potty jokes on the networks anyway) but most of all, I hope you don’t eat sushi and chocolate together, 🙂 yuk. It’s nice to know we have so much in common. Thanks for doing this. Blessings,


    1. Now there’s a thought, chocolate covered sushi… Hmmm. Will work on that. Slowly but surely, I am coming up with the nominees whom I feel privileged to nominate. Thank you, Ellie!

      Sam, Eugene sends tons of puppy kisses and love to you. Keep spreading that puppy love to those in need. Empowering!


  2. You are truly too kind! I’m enjoying the friendships developing through blogging and reading your blog puts a smile on my face and in my heart. As a fellow dog & chocolate lover your kind words touch my soul. Oceans of thanks and puppy kisses from Sam. ❤


  3. I am so honored, Bonnie! You are such a blessing and such an inspiration 🙂 More of the world needs to know your heart!

    Okay, so what do I need to do with this nomination?! LOL. I’m slightly confused!


  4. Mere, I copied and pasted it to my blog and changed Ellie’s answers to mine. Insofar as getting the badges on my blog. I have no idea. But will figure it out eventually.

    I nominated you because you are brave and strong and I want to encourage you to continue writing and share your passion.



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