Mrs Korwin, Kids and Kidneys…Pass it on.

Reblogging with new number to call for donor information. Please pass this on if the spirit moves you! Share anywhere, Tony’s donor is out there, just need to let them know he’s in need. Thank you from the bottom of a friend’s heart. God be with you.



I awoke from a dream where I was with our grade school nurse, Mrs Korwin.  At a very young age, I began having a “nervous stomach” where I thought for sure I would throw up, and missed several days of school by actually throwing up.  No one knew what to do with me, because as soon as it was understood that I was staying home, I was fine, watching Leave it to Beaver, and eating peanut butter sandwiches.  It really had my parents befuddled, and the sickness to me as that little girl was as real as the toes on the ends of my feet.

Cue, Mrs. Korwin, a robust woman, with a warm soft bosom and arms that would completely engulf me, and when she laughed her body would wiggle and it was the safest place I knew in those bewildering days.  Mrs. Korwin came up with a “pill”…

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