Hover or cover…

untitledThis is something that’s sort of creeped me out for a while.  Toilet seats.  I am a horrible hoverer.  I don’t hover well, I must sit.  I sometimes just sit on my fists so that any contamination can be washed away in the sink and I can use a paper towel to open the bathroom door.  Then they have those darn Dyson dryers that dry so hard and fast it looks like your skin is melting.  So, then I use the sleeve of my shirt to open the door to leave, and if I’m wearing short sleeves, I wrangle it open with my elbow, or the timing will be perfect where someone comes in just as I’m leaving.  And the best case scenario?  Doors that swing out when you leave.

Well, here’s the debunking of the hover vs cover dilemma.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/17/toilet-seat-liners-covers-pointless-bacteria-germs_n_5500416.html

This enjoyable video does two things,reinforces for me the desire to wait until I get home to pee, or carry Clorox wipes with me at all times, or just sit on down and git er done.

Thing is for those of you who hover, your aim stinks, and you have no qualms whatsoever (most of you) of leaving behind your body fluids on the toilet seat for the next person.  What’s with that?  If I should hover, and we know that I’m bad at it, and if some of my tinkle should get on the seat, I do wipe it away with toilet paper.  Seems only right.  But, then that makes me think that if someone else does that, how much of the germs will the toilet paper whisk away with their pee pee?

Let’s face it. you either are a germaphobe, and we do live in a world where most everyone thinks that  germs are the enemy (and they really aren’t completely, but that’s a blog for another day), or you’re not.  I’ve even witnessed fairly regularly ladies who go, but don’t wash hands after.  What?  Please?  Who is your mother?

Don’t even get me started on the automatic seat covers.  How about if they just go round and round and round and are never changed?  Yah.

I say, cover or hover, and do make sure not to touch the handle of the bathroom door, because that’s where the germs really
are, and you’re about to go and pickup your fork, or finger food, now aren’t you?  And if you’re not, you’re about to go and pick up the menu, and one of those ladies who didn’t wash?  Yah, that could have been the one she was holding…


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