What? Make the bed?

photo (7)This is the look every morning that I get from Eugene who insists on helping me make the bed, so one bit after the other bit, I have to ask him to get off, and then I pull up the sheets, and then “Off!” and I pull up the soft blanket, them “Off”, I pull up the quilt, and then finally one last “OFF!” and I fix up the comforter and the pillows and shams and VOILA! it’s done, in less than 2 minutes, because Eugene is quick on the “OFF!” and on. (Lily Belle got on for the photo-op.) 🙂

Making the bed, though, there’s something about it, it’s a statement that I’ve begun the day, and am on my feet.  I love that the bed is still warm from our bodies’ slumber, and the pillows, too.  I turn them over, and pull the sheets straight, and give just a quick flick of the sheets because someone once wrote that we shouldn’t make the bed upon rising because it captures all the “sleepiness” of the night before.  What?  What does that mean?  And why is that bad?  Maybe all that “sleepiness” from the night before will help us get to sleep tonight?

People are weird.  Also, people who wash their sheets everyday or every other day.  What’s with that?  Unless you are sliding around in a ton of seduction oils, are sick, or something like that, why would you wash your sheets so often?  I go to sleep all bathed and lotioned, and besides that, I hate laundry, so I’m not going to wash sheets everyday or every other day.  I know that this is gonna cause a stir, but I was my sheets every other WEEK.  Yes.  And we’ve lived through it.

I love getting into a bed all made and soft and cottony, and it’s been waiting for my weary body, and Rick’s, and we snuggle and it envelopes me and everything is peaceful and warm and safe.

If I don’t get to the bed in the morning, quite frankly, I’m not going to get to it at all, so then hubby makes it before we get into it.  There was a time that my former Neanderthal hubby didn’t touch the bedding except to sleep on it, but now he helps me make it after I wash the sheets even.  There are rules to it, tuck the top sheet under the mattress on his side, leave my side free and easy.  Put the top sheet on wrong side up, and then when we fold it down, the right side up will be seen when the bed is made, and the scratchy stitching will be out not in against our skin.  Two pillows each.  It’s bliss, I tell you.

In less than 2 minutes our bed is ready for our slumber, and everything looks set for the day. Actually, it’s looking pretty good to me right now, sort of inviting, like, it’s saying, “Come on, close the blinds, light a candle, fold down the blankets, and cuddle with me”, like some soft cottony seductive lover.  I must resist its temptation, and off to work I go, while the memory of its invitation lingers in my mind.


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