Put a Cap On It

photo (4)

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  For me it’s caps.  I want the original caps on until the vessel they came on are empty.  I have a weird affinity to proper capping technique.  In the world of face creams, hair products, tooth pastes, and cleaning products, there are funky caps that can easily be lost, but that is not acceptable in our house, particularly in the girls bathroom.

In our house, we have a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom, even though, I don’t think it was ever a spoken deal, it just happened that way.  One day after I’d taken my nightly bath, I was brushing my teeth and I heard Ricky ask his dad, “Dad, why doesn’t our bathroom smell as good as the girls’?”  That still makes me smile, but anyhow, back to the caps.

Thankfully, Bethani has also inherited  this quirky flaw in our character, and is equally as obsessed in making sure the caps get on, and they get on the right tube.  I love that about her, because, even if there is some clutter in the bathroom, it can easily be solved because the correct caps are on the correct spray cans or hair products and contact solutions.

It seems so simple, but, it makes sense and creates a certain kind of order in the bathroom, and even more, when I take the time to put the right cap on the product, it shows I value it and the money I spent on it.  Girlie (even guy) stuff does not come cheap anymore, and there’s a product for everything–straightener, curly hair serum, SPF 30 lotion, night cream, day cream, zit cream, exfoliant, tooth whitener, contacts solution, contact cleaner, contact sterilizer, patchouli lotion, lavender lotion, lemon grass lotion, basil and lemon bath oil…face cleanser, hair gel curly, hair gel straight..  Aye yi yi!  Just put the right cap on that’s all I’m askin’, then I’ll be happy.



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