Walk for a Dog


Eugene, Lily Belle, and I and our friends are making money for local shelters just by putting one foot or paw in front of the other foot or paw.  Walk for a Dog (Wooftrax.com) measures your walks and for each mile logged, they will contribute money to a shelter of your choosing.  Lily Belle, Eugene and I have chosen As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue.  Who knew that such a fabulous time with our dogs could help animals in need?

I am goal oriented, you know how I love numbers, well, I need to lose a few numbers on the scale if you know what I mean, sigh.  So, my goal with Eugene and Lily Belle is to log in 40 miles before twinsie’s and my trip to see our dad in New Jersey in July.  That’s means roughly 15-18 walks on the river or at the doggie park.  Of course in my mind, I plan to overcome that number by at least half, but if not, I want to be successful and maybe lose a few numbers on the scale while I’m at it.

All I have to do in our house is say “Doggie Park” and I have two very attentive canine’s at my beck and call.  I find it ingenious that someone would come up with a way to walk your dog, and raise money for shelters and rescues.  It’s a win, win, win situation, because I will have a healthier body, my dogs with be healthier, and so will the rescues!

Check out the app website www.wooftrax.com and consider joining us taking one step at a time to help the less fortunate.  If you don’t have a poochie, don’t fret, you can still log in miles by virtually walking “Cassie” one of the developer’s dogs.

All you need is a pair of sneakers, a phone, and a dog or a virtual dog, and you are on your way to making a difference in the lives of animals in need across the country one step at a time.


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