photo (3)When my husband and I were dating, his sister, who was my good friend and worked for four months to convince me to meet her brother, said, “When you have children, I want them to call me Aunt Rie Rie”.  And so they did.

I get the auntie thing.  Twinsie and I were eleven when our first nephew was born, and we spent hours holding up this infant saying, “I’m your Aunt Bonnie, and I’m your Aunt Beckie.”  We could not wait to be called “Aunt”.  We tested him all the time when he was first starting to talk, and I bet these were some of his first words, I kid you not. This little being was connected to us through our beloved big sissy, and we were proud to be his and later his brother’s and then their cousins’, Aunties.

Even to this day, while I do not beg, I let it known I don’t care how old you get to be — our first will be 44 — please still call me Aunt Bonnie.  And he does, God love my sweet baby, they all do.

But, I’m a little confused by the grandma and grandpa thing.  I hear from a lot of friends they feel those names conjure up an old person’s face, and they aren’t old!!!  Or some, like my sister-in-law just love to have a fun name.  So, they go with all kinds of names, and I never can keep them straight.  Are you Mawmaw?  MeeMaw?  MeeMee? MooMaw?  Paw Paw, Pee Paw, Pop Pop, TuTu? What?

It’s not a secret that I want to be called Grandma or Grammy, and if my children continue the way they have, one will not have to go far to conjure up the face of an old person when I finally am made a Grammy…  Hint.  But, then it comes to my two “other” children.  No, hubby doesn’t have two surprise children, I’m talking about twinsie’s girls.  I have been with them from birth, literally hands on at birth, even got twinsie’s epidural medicine shot into my face as she leaned into me and the syringe popped out of the catheter and sprayed my face.

As I tried to stay calm, I was thinking, Oh MY GOSH, I’m going to be blind and not see my niece ever, and it will be remembered that I was BLINDED on the day of her birth by the epidural... Thankfully, it led only to having a completely numb face, including my lips, inside my nose and my eyes.  So, yah, I didn’t give birth to them, per se, but they have been my girls, just as my children have been twinsie’s as she was present at their births, too, so Aunt Bonnie just seems too ordinary of a name for their kids to call me. And we’ve not begun the discussion for twinsie’s name…yet…

Actually, it started a few years ago when the girls were talking and saying, “We need to find the perfect name for our kids to call you, Aunt Bonnie.” And I had to try hard to keep my heart from  popping out of my chest from such love.

So, recently, I have been thinking a bit more about it, and I should say right now, that all my great nieces and nephews are special to us, so much that Uncle Rick and I go shopping for weeks for all kinds of kiddie stuff, have a kiddie table, and lots of goodies for our sweet great nephews and nieces when they come to visit.  We are in love with them as much as we are in love with their parents.  I mean, you can’t imagine how an auntie’s and uncle’s heart can hold all that love without exploding.

But, these little ones, they will be here, we will be called upon to babysit, YAY, and there is a physical and emotional connection to these girls having babies, since, we literally helped raise them.  We’re talking about  “eat your supper (they loved my cooking) and do your homework” kind of raising while my twin and her hubby got the business off the ground.  And it was the same for my kids as I worked late at the hospital, so these four truly do have two moms for sure and actually feel more like siblings than they do cousins.

So, about this name.  I came up with this on my own after a few months of rationalizing my need to have a different name.  So, the other day at the shop, it was twinsie, me and the girls, and I finally said, “I’ve come up with my name for your children.”  They all looked at me, and I was feeling oh so bashful, because I’m usually not THAT person, but I took a deep breath and said, “Nonnie”.  And we all laughed and loved it and decided it was the best name ever to call me and twinsie and I smiled those big momma smiles because, yah, it’s fun, just like when we were just dreaming about having babies and remembering holding up our first nephew and schooling him in our names.  It just means something.  Something important and real and meaningful for our babies to have babies, and for us to have our special names.





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