Spring’s Promise…

photo (2)

It’s incredibly easy to start a garden in the spring after a hard winter, and we had a long, hard winter.  Winter is my favorite season because of the time to rest and reflect.  I emerge from winter renewed and strengthened and ready for the warm sun on my face slathered in 30 spf, and this year is no exception.

The gardening is something I love to look forward to.  I love to see the little plants inching their way through the hard earth, little fingers of green and red that will turn into hydrangea bushes as high as my thigh, with purple blooms bigger than my head.  I love to see the flowers and plants that I have lovingly planted through the 21 years that we’ve lived here.

Making a space to care for and to nurture and nourish is so satisfying.  Mine was not a green thumb, I killed everything pretty much — over watered, didn’t water enough…  I learned starting with a flower-pot, to a flower plot, to bushes and then designing our landscaping, to standing swatting mosquitos in the dog days as I water at dusk and the fat Robin flies through the spray from my hose.

I love making a place for garden things and pots, like the photo above.  We actually do not spend a lot of time out on our deck, the south sun drenching it all day long, it’s only early morning or late evening that we can sit there, and usually at night we sit in the comfy living area in our garage and watch the world go by.  But, my neighbors can see this area of our house, so I make a pretty little porch for them to gaze upon, and use it as another opportunity to nourish and nurture and show my personality with pretty little garden things.

Spring holds so much promise, I hope one day to move on to veggies, but truth be told, by August, I’m ready for autumn and less care of my gardens and that’s just about when the veggies need to be harvested and canned and well, I’m pretty much over it.  I want to cut down the summer growth, and plant mums everywhere, pop a pumpkin in that garden, and some mums and pumpkins on the porch, and head out to the pumpkin farm for their fresh produce all stacked and ready for my thumping and sniffing and my autumn dishes.

I’m fickle, I know, I have only so much garden nurturing in me I need the cycle of the earth, spring, summer, autumn, winter for my psyche — to rest, renew, bloom, and anticipate rest.

For now, I’m in full spring garden mode, and thankfully, God rained down on it last night drenching it with all that is good and the new plants are stretching deeply into the freshly watered soil, while the perennials reach for the warming sun.


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