80,300 Kisses and Counting…

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It all started with a picture of me kissing my sweet great-nephew, his mouth open, his saliva dripping off my bottom lip.  PURE kissing heaven. Then, I started to think about kissing, hugging, holding, loving.  How innate it is, a natural instinct.  Babies are infectious lovers of kissing and hugging.  And who doesn’t love kissing and hugging them? A little formula tainted spittle never hurt anyone.

Think of the thousands of kisses we’ve all had,  I’m 55 years old, and with at least 4 kisses a day, conservatively speaking, that’s 80,300 kisses in my lifetime alone.  Feels good to think of my life in terms of kisses, let alone hugs, which would triple that number, I kid you not.

Then, I started thinking about how many photos I have here and on my computer, old and newer, of people hugging and kissing and that’s just me and my extended family. There’s a lot of kissing and hugging and loving going on, my friends.  Think about all that loving going on in your life.  If you’re falling short, why not make a pact to kiss someone everyday, or two, or three.  Hug your friends when you see them, kiss your spouse in the morning.  Kissing, hugging, loving, snuggling…  Practice love.

So, here we all are, practicing the most loving art there is.   Even pooches get in the act!  Oh, and one 1Phone.  Kiss on, my friends!

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