Isn’t that Crazy?


This blog has been incredibly healing and cathartic.  Some people say that writing is like therapy, but I say, as therapeutic as it might be, therapy should at some time end, but writing should continue.  It’s about what’s behind those eyes, in the picture above.  No, I’m not dead, though, it sort of looks like I am, I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking, that’s where my writing comes from.  From behind those eyes welling up from the heart.

As I started writing this blog, I had no idea how important it would become to get to it everyday.  In the last couple weeks, my day job has definitely impacted my blog, and I feel off kilter.  Today is another day like that.  I must rush to work.

But, here are some interesting facts about this blog thus far, and you all know that numbers are my thing.  I have 45 bloggers following me, 60 followers total with friends and family (thank you so much, I love you!) I have written 60 blogs in just over 2 months, and I have had over 3500 hits.

The other night at writer’s group, one of my friends mentioned the blog, and said off the cuff, “I don’t read it…” and I said, “That’s okay, there are people who actually want to read it who are.”

We do get a sense in the writing community that we must read all the blogs, the books, the manuscripts as a way to support other writers, but it’s simply not true.  We have less time to read some days let alone get our own writing done, be it editing, or writing a book, article or blog. There needs to be a passion for what we are reading, which doesn’t mean we don’t have a passion for the writer.  My writing isn’t for everyone, even though I don’t totally get why.  (Snicker.)

I have found myself completely drawn to some blogs that come into my mailbox, and I must read them at lunch or after work, or before bed.  I love that connection, and I love that people are connecting that way to my writing, I just don’t expect it of everyone.

I keep saying to my family when I see how many people have read my blog on any certain day, “Isn’t that crazy?” And I’m truly amazed that something I’ve written has been read by so many people.  Brinkley’s story had 222 hits, now, isn’t that crazy?

I have a blog juicing in my heart and mind right now, but I have to run off to work, be it as it may.  But, like all my blogs, when it comes to the point where I can no longer sleep, or think of anything other than writing that blog, it will get written.


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