Mother’s Day is nothing without Dad.


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Mother’s Day in my house, would be nothing without my husband.  When I think about the dad my husband is to our children, truly, “Baby, I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time…” As Paul would sing.  A father loving a mother, and a mother loving a father, this is the greatest gift to give a child.  If we did anything at all right raising our babies it is that we loved each other and them more than anything else in the world.

We didn’t hide our arguments, we didn’t have a ton of them either.  I remember once when we were having a tussle, and Little Ricky asked me, “Are you and daddy gonna get a divorce?”  My heart ached for that little boy, but of course I told him, “No, sweetie.  We are just mad, like you get mad at us sometimes.  When you are mad at us, would you not want us to be your mommy and daddy anymore?”

Rick and I, we are very passionate, we are fiercely cognizant of the love we have for each other and our children, we are always there for each other, the four of us, through thick, thin and sickness and health…hard times, good times, sad times, happy times.

My children’s dad is beloved among my family, a good man, with a strong character and outstanding work ethic, who loves his wife and his children with all of his heart, so much, that once he had a password that was ILMF…  I Love My Family.

But, it wasn’t always this way.  On our wedding day, people, my family included, were making bets that it wouldn’t last.  He was a bad boy, I was a good girl, too many differences to make it work.  But, that’s where they got it wrong.  They didn’t know that later my bad boy groom tucked our little teacup poodle in his pocket and brought her with us on our honeymoon because he couldn’t bear to hear her whimper as we packed. One tiny act, the beginning of many, and most certainly a look into the future and the father he would become.

And from there the births of our children, each one bringing his buried emotions closer to the surface, his heart on his sleeve, where we are careful not to crush it.  He’s a tough guy and will stand up for those he loves and for injustice and he’s a sucker for a love story and his children.  If I am a good momma, it’s because I have a good daddy beside me, we bring both our strengths to our parenting, and together we have raised two pretty darned delightful people, who continue to amaze us everyday.

We had no idea what we were doing back in 1981 when we fell head over heels in love, we just trusted that our love was enough.





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