Epic FAIL.


So, my first day of my first week without using my iPhone at work was a complete and utter failure starting off the moment I walked into the shop.  A conflict with a date for an event I’m helping plan in September became compromised, and I had to get on the iPhone and text en masse to solve the issue.

From then on, it was continued “textferencing” vs “conferencing” (and if textferencing takes the nation by storm, you read it here first) for the rest of the day.  On one hand it was a great tool to get to the heart of the issue and bring everyone into the know, on the other hand, it took time and it broke my quest to not text at work except for work things.  Epic.

Interestingly enough, the whole problem was caused by a miscommunication via the Internet, another tool used by me, and of course by you, as you sit and read this on the Internet, and then it rounded out by verbal fighting words spoken to another person.  And those cut deep.  And like all words that are out of context from the image people have of the person they are being spoken about, it’s not long before those words get back to her, in this case me.  Lord have mercy broken hearted soul.

I’m not one to let crab grass grow on a dispute.  I’m not looking for confrontation like some people do, and I don’t hate it either, I think it’s a responsible thing to speak up and trample that crab grass so that it can’t grow and cause issues to all the grass and yards around it.  Disputes left to their own devices are insidious, when words spoken are hurtful, they grow like crab grass, and swallow up all that good stuff.  When we confront the issue, first by saying how it makes us feel, then second offering why we understand that there is a conflict, and then finally reaching a point where we understand that this has happened and we are forgiving people and love is spoken, then you have an EPIC SUCCESS.

So, while I failed in one place, I succeeded in another.  My moral muscles and my heart took a hit, but the act of forgiveness has brought healing, and this shall be the last I will speak of it.

Today is another day, I will let you know how it goes, as I stick to skin and bones.


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