Maintaining Friendships Just Ain’t Easy…Spider Monkey’s Nipple Biting Notwithstanding.

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It’s not easy getting ten people into one selfie, in fact it’s almost a miracle.  It’s not easy to get five couples to commit to a monthly dinner, either, and that’s a miracle, too. For literally years we’ve been wanting to have a monthly dinner with our many church friends.  We wanted to have more social opportunities outside of church.  The problem was we just never did.  It was daunting to figure out how to invite all the people, how to organize the group, get commitments from them, find a place to accommodate us all, make reservations, consider everyone’s pocketbook, and schedules — and so we were overwhelmed.  And it never happened.

Then one day five couples were in the same place at the same time in their lives and we decided, let’s just start a monthly dinner to try it.  Each couple hosts a different month.  Hosts of the month choose the date and place (if they don’t have time to cook, they choose a restaurant and make ressies for 10, and we all go on our own dime), then if someone can’t come, the hosts get to choose another couple from church to join us that month.  Thus far we have not had anyone cancel, but we found it was easier to do this than to sell our house and buy one with a huge dining room that could accommodate more than 10 people at a time, which is to say, if we’d waited to do this church-friend-wide, we would still not have done it.

Last night it was our turn, and the spaghetti was amazing (if I don’t mind saying myself) as was a another pasta dish I made for my brother-in-law who can’t eat tomatoes.  And as I predicted yesterday, we said grace, we ate, we drank, and we stuffed ourselves on those homemade cookies.

We shared stories that made us laugh until we cried.  Though nothing was funnier than when my hubby told everyone that the spider monkey that his father once had as a pet bit him in the nipple.  This was not news to me, however, it was absolutely hilarious to hear him tell it to a bunch of friends.  It’s that easy to be with these people, that comfortable.  No worries, except that his wife will write about it in her blog. And one gal confessed to almost wetting her pants from laughter.

We are all so different, coming from different places, and listening to stories of our hometowns and our dreams and our weddings and our marriages, our children, our walks in faith, and the smell of manure and how it affects us (some of us like it.)

Yes, we Lutherans know how to eat, drink, and be merry.  We hope one day that our monthly dinners will grow to include all the people we love, younger couples, single friends, and old friends.  For now, we are thankful that we finally have made a start. Finally.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on those selfies, we definitely see that the future will hold more than just 10 people. I can do it, I know I can, and I look forward to the opportunity.