You’re the One that I Love, Whooo hooo hooo, Honey!

I don’t know how this fabulous encounter came to be, though, it looks to me like John happened to be at her show and this was an impromptu reunion.  Let me tell you, it thrilled me to death to watch!

Both of these people have publicly gone through hell and back with health issues, grief, loss, poor choices and have been the subjects of real or made-up  fodder for the tabloids.  There is something endearing about the joy in which they sang this song together.  Fighters, believers in times that were once good and can be resurrected, no matter how much pain they have faced along the way from those two young kids in the movie Grease to these middle-aged kids on stage.

I get a sense that better things are yet to come, we can still do what we always have in a new way with new vigor and a stronger sense of ourselves.  Yah, this video spoke to me in a very real way.

Then I see this on Facebook.  I loved this post about the Pity train.  Then, immediately following, I read an update about someone wishing others would quit whining. I even said out loud after singing “You’re the One that I love, WHOO WHOOO HOOO, HONEY” at the top of my lungs.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Whining about whining?” It KILLS ME!  Don’t they know they are riding on the pity train???


I don’t want this blog to be negative, it’s about the truth, and sometimes negativity is truth, and it’s hard to turn your cheek all the time when all you want to do is give them a good boot to the behind, and say, GET OFF THE TRAIN!

I know there are negative people, I used to be one.  I’ve darn near been the conductor of the pity train.  What I found was, being negative creates negative situations, and brings negative people to your side, and pushes those with hope away.  It’s like the Zombies that everyone except me is obsessed with.  Negative Zombies will kill every positive person in their way, sucking the goodness from them.  My negativity was turned inward and was self-loathing, I didn’t feel worthy of joy, which makes staying on the pity train so much easier, I simply didn’t believe I was worth more.  A  stint with a counselor helped ease that pain, and then my faith took me the rest of the way, not that I still don’t sometimes fight the zombies trying to suck my positive feelings right out of me.

As I think about the negativity that has surrounded John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, real or imagined, I consider them warriors, and easy enough with themselves to let it fall off them and entertain others, and even themselves.  You can’t say you didn’t smile as they sang, right?

For a minute, I hope all the people who saw that video, and who are riding the pity train, will see themselves in both, and recognize the joys of a single moment, it’s hard to practice self-pity when you are living moment to moment, and looking for the joy in each.  I speak from experience, one moment in a day of difficult times, one happy positive moment, can change everything.

Rock on, John and Olivia, we’ll be rocking out with you, one moment at a time.

I am going to clean my dishwasher now.  Who knew that something that gets things clean needs cleaning?  Have a good day.