The Power of True LOVE

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I read a blog today by one of my favorite bloggers, Otrazhenie, about true love and it has inspired me.  It’s a poem that speaks of the joys of true love.  Many people are reblogging it because it’s a beautiful poem with all the dreams every person dreams when thinking of finding their true love. Even those guys who are macho, even they dream of love like this, and when they find it, though, they may act dismissive, they know it’s the real deal.

The poem is warm, romantic, it evokes images of soft sheets, gentle touches, and endless understanding.  I commented on her blog, and I said, this is all true, but is only half the story.  That true love is tested, and it is tested often, and it’s when it’s tested that we actually know it’s true love.

My husband and I believe with all our hearts that we have true love, go ahead, ask him.  He’ll say, “Yes, yes we do.”  We actually talk about stuff like this.  We completely are about the love we have for one another and from there for our children, and for our siblings, and friends, and co-workers, and the familiar strangers we meet everyday, and on and on.  We feel from this genesis of love, grows a world of love with God in the center, of course.

But, it’s been sorely tested through aging and sick parents, through tough economic times, through child raising, through spiritual struggles — like the pull of the moon, because it pulls us each in different directions at its whim, and we are separated emotionally, and lying side by side, back to back, in silence that seems to last forever, but we lie there, and we get up and move through the day, the week, the month, until we work out what pulls us away. Then come back renewed and talking and excited, and we’ve created a new chapter and maybe some new rules, because we are always changing separately and together and there is always a sense that we’re stronger together, even though there are battles to be fought alone.

And when you find that peace you are looking for in each other’s arms simply because they loved you enough to wait for you to come back to them, that’s when you know true love truly is true love.

If I were a poet, I would add a stanza or two of the beauty of arguing through it till you get to it again.  I’d add a stanza about the distance that life just brings into any relationship, and how hard you work to close that gap.  I’d even add a stanza that true love is not just between two lovers, but exists between a mother and a daughter, a sister and a brother, and with a friend, in any relationship between two people (and I would argue, between my dog and me, too).  True love is exactly what the words suggest.  A love that has tested the truths of this world, fought the battles of it, and survived it.