Pearls or Grains of Sand?


A pearl or a clump of sand?  When a piece of sand or some other irritant gets under the mantle of an oyster or a clam, it produces the same substance it uses to make a shell and covers the irritant with it.  Thus a pearl is made.

For writers, thoughts are like that irritant, and we writers ruminate about them, think, mull them over like an oyster  or clam does a grain of sand, and sometimes –hopefully — all that mulling and thought produces a pearl. Truth is, some will be and others will be that clump of tiny grains of sand, and in some real way, they are interesting, too, to someone.

Almost everyone has dropped a quarter into a tin at a seaside tourist town where you can pop open an oyster and find a pearl — yes, they say, A Pearl is found everyday! GUARANTEED!  But, more than likely, well, it’s happened enough to me anyhow, it’s just a clump of tiny grains of sand.  Bummer.

So, when we blog, the second someone opens our  page, they are dropping a quarter into the tin, and are hoping to walk away with something that will be iridescent and beautiful.

When I read the blogs I follow, sometimes it’s a clump of sand and sometimes it’s a pearl, but what is most interesting is that the blogger is still writing it anyhow, and moreover, it’s the reader who decides whether it’s a pearl or a stone.

But what if that thought, those feelings stay inside us forever?  I think this is the real question for a writer, not having the guts to take the plunge and write, we will never know if all that is inside us are pearls or stones, or better, which ones are pearls and stones, or maybe all of them are a little bit of both depending again on the reader.  And if the stone stays inside us, it can become like a kidney stone or a gallbladder stone and cause so much pain, until finally, it is released. Who needs that agony?  Is it easier to handle than the scrutiny of a reader?  I say sometimes, but not most the time, so therefore it’s worth writing about.

I’d rather someone say what a waste of a quarter, but be intrigued enough to come back another day, because one pearl is found everyday, and we as writers have to open up for the reader to find it.

Now, I have no idea if this metaphor has been used a million times, or if this is something brilliant that I’ve come up with.  My guess, it’s the former, but guess what folks?  I’m writing it, and tomorrow a pearl could be forthcoming, and it will be brilliant and beautiful to someone.