Reno Renegades (Note our proud new name) The bathrooms…

Technically, we did nothing more than save ten-dollar bills for about 6 months to completely change the look of our bathrooms, along with some paint and “shopping” from our house, and linen closet, and a few key pieces bought at great deals. We created our own oasis’ that reflect each of our styles.

We are no strangers to color — bright, bold color, so what would the color of the day be for the bathrooms?  White.  I hear some people groaning, “white?  Dull, unexciting, boring, apartment living…”  We are not talking the Navajo White of the 80s and 90s, we are talking about bright white.

First up, the tub and the shower pad.  Both are in excellent condition and would require gutting both bathrooms to remove them.  The shower pad is essentially a cement  and stone form that over the past 35 years or so just got more and more porous making it impossible to clean.  The tub was a lovely baby poop brown, enough said, but, cast iron and again, would take gutting the room to get it out.  Not very budget friendly.

Bathtub...mmmm, don't you just wanna soak in that?  Unfortunately, I did not take a before pic of Rick's shower pad.  :(
Bathtub…mmmm, don’t you just wanna soak in that? Unfortunately, I did not take a before pic of Rick’s shower pad. 😦

What to do?  Cue Jim from ReSurface Pros  For less than $850 we were able to resurface our tub and shower and completely update our bathroom. Now, to say that we were a little bit hesitant about this process would be an understatement, 800 bucks is 800 bucks, and we didn’t want to spend it to make the bathrooms look worse, and all of us have seen resurfaced bathtubs and showers gone bad.  But, we were reassured by other trusted friends that Jim was a pro and would back up his work for five years.  Sold!

We love the freshness that the tub and shower brought back into our bathrooms.  There was a 72 hour wait, not for the paint, but the grout, before we could use them (sponge bath anyone?) We’ll have to be gentle with the surfaces, keep water from pooling, keep bottles of girlie goodies off the corners of the tub, but essentially, with some kindness, these will last a long time, and we are thrilled. (BTW, for those of you with new tubs, the same rules apply, as the soap and water  pooling in the corners will eventually turn your bathtub into one like mine was, maybe not poop brown, but it will wear away the surface.)

Over the past few years, we had replaced Rick’s toilet and vanity, and had painted both baths bright white.  Reason?  We love to change the color of the towels and linens in our bathrooms on a whim.  Bright white is the perfect backdrop for any color and is excellent for casting a bright light when applying make up even though I don’t use make up, but anyway, if you should want to use make up, this is your color.

Finally, we “shopped” from our house and found some lovely touches to use in both bathrooms.  My mother’s maiden name is McCoy, so I’ve been collecting McCoy pottery for years and years.  Both baths needed a unique statement piece to bring the room together.  We found this beautiful “stacked wood” cabinet at Home Goods a couple of years ago for about $350.  Along with some mid-century orange glass and some McCoy pottery and a newer orange vase from Crate N Barrel, and some whimsical art from Bed, Bath and Beyond this bath reflects Rick’s personal style, and now you  barely notice that the room is bright white anymore.

I had gone gray and yellow in my bathroom for spring, and I also had an ahhhhmazing 1950s ottoman that I was dying to use there.  The problem in the past was that the antique cabinet I had used in there was too squat and so the scale of the room was off if I added another squat piece.  I needed something tall and wall hugging to bring the scale up to accommodate my girlie goodies, and ottoman.  We found this wall ladder book-case for a steal at The Container Store (a place we have to bring a list into when we shop or else we’d go crazy!)  For $119 in espresso, it fit perfectly in the room.  I added some pops of color with my McCoy pieces, some brightness with my perfume bottles, and a whimsical P for our last name that I found at Relux Vintage. Now all the girlie things are showcased and accessible and pleasing.  I love it!

As spring moves into summer, I see yellow, greens and blues coming into play in my bathroom.  Color.  Color doesn’t need to be walls alone, and certainly as the brown tub attests, should never be on the tub, but tons of rich color against white gives it punch!

Speaking of color and punch, it looks like the gardens are next, spring flowers just starting to stir beneath the earth’s surface.  Ahhhh..