This journey can be your journey, too.

So, this blog, I guess, I wasn’t sure where it was going to go, or what it was going to say.  It’s an entity of its own, really.  I’m driven by that writer inside that is summoned to speak out.  I know some people read and think, no more sadness or sorrow, I totally agree, but the measure of one’s life has those things in it.  And this blog, won’t be just about that.  In fact, I have another reno to share after today’s blog!  Yah, we’re working it over here.

Today is such a happy day, as witnessed in this photo.get-attachment (5) Love Eugene’s tongue.  We had balanced him on a limb in the Japanese garden on the river near our town.  Twinsie is showing two for the second day of our 100 day journey.  And of course, it’s also the peace sign.  What a walk/jog on the river it was today.  So much beauty around us.get-attachment (6).

I had some interesting comments sent to me about yesterday’s blog.  Some were just “Thank you for your honesty.”  I think more than a few people can relate to depression and its darkness.  Other’s were very helpful on what to do on our 100 Days to Peace, Happiness and Health (100DPHH).  Still others are wanting to join along in their own way.  And this is the coolest.  What can you do for 100 days that would enhance your life, physically, spiritually, and emotionally?

It’s not what you give up, except maybe a little sleep in the morning if you decide to get out and ride your bike at dawn.  It’s what you do to increase your health and wellbeing.  A reader suggested the book Eat Right for your Type.  A book that talks about how your blood type affects your whole system including what you eat. Very intriguing.

Another person shared that she’s just in a funk and needs motivation.  Well, we’re here, and will share anyone’s stories and photos about your 100DPHH journey. Share!  You’d be surprised by how your journey will benefit others, especially me!

Have you thought about having all of your 5-7 servings of veggies and fruits for 100 days?  It doesn’t have to be about losing 55 pounds, it just needs to be something that will enhance your life.  How about reading a devotional everyday, I recommend Jesus Calling (a free app), it’s AHHMAZING.  Are you a smoker?  Can you switch to the new smokeless cigs for 100 days?  Still get the zip of the nicotine, but not the harmful tar in your lungs. Imagine if you gave it up for 100 days altogether?  Hey, as an ex smoker, I can say, it is truly life changing.  The benefits are almost immediate.

What other things can you do for 100 days that will bring about a sense of wellness.  Turning off the television and making a call to that ailing friend, or writing a card and sending it snail mail to a parent or sibling.  Eating supper at the table in the kitchen 4 nights a week.

Reading the books you’ve had in the stack by your bed for the past few years?  Raise your hand if you have a stack at least somewhere of books you intend to read. Yah, I know you do.  Make a plan to read everyday, or at least 5 days a week, maybe when 100 days are up you’ll have gone through the whole stack?

How about spending 100 days reading about our Constitution and our elected officials so in November you’ll know who you want to vote for and why?

Going to church every Sunday, attending a Bible Study, joining a bowling league, golf league, running league.  Taking a Zumba class (totally a riot) or Yoga.

Writing the book you’ve always wanted to write (I had that suggestion from a reader, love that.)  Writing a BLOG!  Now, that’s something I can definitely relate to.  How about taking 100 days to organize your home?  From experience, it definitely makes life easy when order is restored.

How about saving your change and dollar bills everyday for 100 days, and then use that 100 days to dream of what you’d do with the extra money?  Take your love downtown for a supper at the restaurant you need to make reservations for, say 100 days in advance?

How about taking 100 days to try to identify 100 birds in your area?  Or, something as simple as using SPF 30 everyday to protect your skin?

It’s up to you, it’s 100 days, they are gonna come and go whether we commit to something or not.  Keep it simple, keep it healthy, keep it to make you strong of body, mind and spirit.  And don’t forget to share it with us!