The Reluctant Renovators, Design Element 4

So, hubby says, wrap it up here, it’s getting kind of boring, (at least he’s reading my blog to have an opinion) well we lived it, you know, he’s already starting a list of new projects, so he’s a little bit over the kitchen.  Thing is, many people are asking for me to continue with this on the blog, to get as much information as possible, and some are doing this themselves.  So, onward I go…

We were doing the cabinets and the countertops, but, there was another area of the kitchen that we both openly loathed, and replacing it would have been too costly.  The ugly but functional island.

Old kitchen
Old kitchen

With its thick, removable cutting board, two drawers, ample shelves, and stainless steel top, we loved the functionality of it.  Many a Christmas prime rib has been carved on this cutting board.  But, it just was plain ugly in blond wood.  We never liked the color, but the size was perfect, narrow and long for our kitchen.  Plus, the little doodads hanging off the sides were rarely really used or needed.  Enter Relux a shop that opened near us.  They use CeCe Caldwells paint to “age” new and older pieces, and I had found my answer.  So, I worked on the island as an added bonus.

CeCe Caldwell’s paint  is made from clay, and is completely environmentally friendly, down to its recyclable packaging.  You could eat this stuff if you had to, and with working on our kitchen 4 weeks straight, there were times that it was the only edible thing in our kitchen (not that we’d partake.)

The first step was using the “deglosser” in the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit  (I was going to stretch out that dollar and use what I could on this project to save even more money), I scrubbed at the finish of the island.  Then, I painted the same “castle” bond coat as the cabinets, and let that dry over night, this would be the color that would show through when I “aged” it with Traverse City Cherry CeCe Caldwells paint.

CeCe Caldwell Traverse City Cherry
CeCe Caldwell Traverse City Cherry
Lord have Mercy it's PINK
Lord have Mercy it’s PINK

After painting it, and using baby wipes to scrub away some of the cherry to reveal the gray, it looked pink, this project was being haunted by pink, my least favorite color ever!  So, using the glaze from the cabinet restoration kit, I darkened it  and then applied the restoration kit’s finishing coat, we had a “brand new” island that cost us around $34, and a few days worth of elbow grease.  It was the perfect complement to our new kitchen.

Love, love, love
kitchen before decorative hardware etc

And that’s the end of the kitchen reno…  Waiting for hubby to start watching those cooking shows…


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