NOT one of THOSE days

NOT on of THOSE days

I woke up grumpy. I don’t know, my tummy feels icky, I’m cold, and I  just feel crummy. I don’t feel like looking on Facebook and seeing all those inspiring little pictures or sayings that people like me put on their walls.  Today, I’m thinking people like me are just plain obnoxious.

I didn’t sleep well, hubby was away for the night, and the skunk smell last night was as if every skunk in the Midwest was in our back yard mating and “passing a little gas” as they did it.  Kid you not.

If you have dogs that have ever been “skunked” you will understand the unnerving feeling of  the image (conjured up or not) of a huge population of mating skunks, passing gas, and making MORE of those stinkers to populate our yard and possibly spray our dogs. Quite frankly, it stinks.  Pun intended, I guess.

It didn’t help when the dogs wanted to go outside at 4:30 and I opened the door to find snow, doggone it, and had to go traipsing around the yard in my slippers with a flashlight checking all around the bushes to see if one or two of the mating, stinky skunks were snoozing there and could be startled by a doggie who simply just wants to pee and pooh in their own yard, thank you, and not have to worry about getting skunked.  Seriously, skunks, go find your own bush to sleep beneath.

Well, I’d love to wallow here in my own juicy grumpiness, but I have work to do, chocolate to sell, insurance issues to settle, and I will walk in as I always do every morning and greet everyone with an honest to God smile, and right now I even think THAT is obnoxious this morning, too.  But, really, half the battle of a grumpy morning is greeting others with a smile and receiving one back before the problems of the day are set before me in earnest.

Besides, the problems I face will eventually be resolved with some thoughtfulness on my part, and help from my brother-in-law The Chocolate Man, and it will end up just fine.

That’s the beauty about waking up grumpy, I don’t have to STAY that way.  I know waking up at all for some of us is a true blessing, so before I go to work, I really need to find something cute to put on my wall to put a smile on people’s faces, or make the grumpy even grumpier.  Why not?



2 thoughts on “NOT one of THOSE days

  1. You are entitled Bon to a grumpy day. Love your transparency! The answer to being un-grumpy is just what you said, smile and greet someone and your spirits will be lifted. The snow sure hasn’t helped any!


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