Testing…is my blog there?

This is an extra blog being written because I’m no computer geek.  Oh, I love my computer and my iPad and the Internet and my email,  I understand its worth, I just don’t know how to use it for my blog.  It takes me about an hour in the morning to write my blog, starting at 6 or 6:30.  I’m still trying to get it PUBLISHED in its final edited form at 9 or 9:30…  So frustrating, but with nearly 900 views and several followers, I just feel balanced in a way I’ve not felt for a long time.  Writing is not just a passion, it’s a part of my PERSON. To know that people are reading what I write?  Yah, that’s worth all of these snags.

Anyhow, I wrote my concerns on the “community page” and within minutes received an answer listing several (I mean, like TEN ways) to fix the problem, all that read like Greek to me.

Seek son’s direction via email. Help!!!

“Chrome”, he says, “Google Chrome”.  And after an hour trying to figure THAT out, I’m now writing a blog to see if it all works.  Wish me luck, and have a good night.


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