What is fixable?

It’s been a pretty bad day so far this morning.  Days start like that sometimes, and some bad things are easily fixable, some aren’t quite as easily fixable, and some are not fixable at all.

This morning, Eugene, our 10 month 57 pound golden doodle was chewing his bone by the stair, and the corner of the stair somehow got caught up in the act, and now that corner has been chewed.  We are doing a ton of DIY work in our home right now, fixing the corner of the stair was not part of the plan, but it is fixable, just not easily. And of course we are worried about the cost.

Yesterday, our small family business had to go over the renewal of our insurance for our employees.  If we stay at our current coverage that is most affordable for our employees, the cost for the business goes up 37%.  THIRTY-SEVEN PERCENT.

I awoke this morning with such a heavy heart wondering how we will be able to absorb the cost this year to give our employees the best coverage possible so that they can receive the best care that they need?  How do we grow a business when butter, sugar, cacao, vanilla and healthcare costs are rising faster than our ability to earn money?  How do we maintain our buildings, fix our freezers, replace the air conditioning, offer increases to our hard working employees, continue to support the needs of the community, and pay the ever increasing taxes?

The stair will definitely be easier to repair.



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