Truth, Faith, and Agape Love

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  ― Winston Churchill

I REALLY wanted to write about my new favorite artist, but I could not get over yesterday’s prompt  here on WordPress in the Freshly Pressed section, the first part of the prompt was — “Believe. Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true.”  All day long I thought about finding only three things that I know in my heart to be true, and how to write them in one blog.

Truth #1: I have ten toes, and truth #2, on my right foot I have a star tattoo, and truth #3, my toe nails are painted year round, and are sorely in need of a pedicure at the moment.   There, Blog written.

But wait!  Is that writing down the bones?  Nope.

Truth: I believe there is a God.  I believe every person on earth are His children, even if they don’t believe in Him.  I think evil can be overcome by faith and love, and I think the faithful can be evil.  That’s actually four truths wrapped in one.

I believe in the Christian principles of His teaching, Love one another.  I have a lot of friends who are not believers, maybe more than are, and I am blessed continually by them.  There’s no criteria for me to be a friend to someone.  At the same time, I’m so very flawed, and I bet lots of you think the same about yourselves, but that doesn’t change the one thing that is unchanging and that is God’s love for His children. Even if you don’t believe you are one.

Jesus continually reached out to the “unlovable” because he wanted them to know that he loved them and when he would die on the cross, it was for them, too.  Who decides who the unlovable are?  I guess we are all unlovable at times in our lives, it’s not a question of who is unlovable, it’s the truth that Agape love never fails us.

This religion thing, it’s tricky, because the people of this world act on their own accord in the name of God, or in the absence of God.  Some of it, like the intention of this blog, is to just show that I am never going to judge you for your faith or your lack of it, but I will stand up and against those who condemn either side.  Any evil act in the name of  God is not a Godly thing. At the same time, being judged and rejected because I am faithful is not fair, either.  Yet, it happens, and when it does, I side with faith.

Maybe you’re not buying all this Jesus stuff, and you think he was just a really good guy that showed love and honor to all people and then died a horrible death.  That’s cool, that’s the beauty of being a child of God, you have a choice to believe or not to believe.

But, imagine the world if we all stepped out of ourselves and just demonstrated “Jesus love” to all people.  When you stop looking at yourself, you see the potential in others, and have the amazing capacity to love like Jesus.

It’s not sin, my friends, we all sin, and those are our private battles, it’s showing Agape love to others that heals the world. And isn’t it time?


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