6 am, but it’s really 5 am…DST, LIHI.

6 am,  but it's really 5 am...DST, LIHI.

Kit Cat, the slightly creepy, but cool cat that keeps time in my kitchen tells me it’s 6am, but I know in my mind that it’s actually 5 am and oddly enough, my body is already in sync with Kit Cat.  And so it goes for those of us who live in states that employ Daylight Savings Time, Love it or Hate it.

My tail might not be wagging nor my eyes sliding to and fro, but my mind is cranking and my fingers typing, so it really must be 6am.  Not everyone can get into the the “spring ahead” time change as easily, and there was a time that I didn’t, I loved my morning slumber.  Now, at 5 am (which is now 6am) my mind is already percolating and unless I can get a second wind from the Sand Man, I’m up for the day, physically or not.

Spring ahead or Fall back, this has become my natural rhythm twice yearly, a “natural” rhythm that some human named William Willett in 1905 came up with in an effort to save energy and make the best use of natural light.  But, it was opposed by farmers and others and it wasn’t till decades later that it became a law in most states.

So, here I am, Eugene the dog is snug in my lap as the sun just begins painting the morning sky; the trash men are making their rumbling noises as they make their rounds, and I will have this blog written by 7am which is actually 6am, and it will be a few days before we all stop thinking in “fall back terms” and just accept “spring ahead” and that it really is 6 o’clock again, and not 6 o’clock but actually 5.

And really, wasn’t it nice last night to look out the window at 7pm and  see that it was still light?  Yah, it was pretty darned awesome.


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